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3rd Oct 2014

Fasset Launches Management Systems Consultancy

National property and facilities management company Fasset, has launched a Management Systems consultancy service.

National property and facilities management company Fasset, has launched a consultancy service to enable both private and public businesses to implement and maintain management systems across a range of regulated environments.

Fasset Management Systems will work within the following fields:

* Health and Safety Management
* Quality Management
* Environmental Management

Fasset was recently engaged by BEST Network to lead their certification to ISO 14001 and 9001 across their portfolio. It also has a legacy of certifications at their flagship managed location, Langstone Technology Park in Havant, Hampshire.

Shirley Cuthbertson heads up the service,
"Management systems are essential for any business committed to long term sustainability and environmental responsibility. Implementing and maintaining formal structures not only show excellence but will drive up customer confidence and reputational value. Its not just about the formal certifications, we work with businesses to document and audit systems, manage business risk and ensure legal requirements are being met."


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