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24th Jul 2012

Fasset fundraising reaches new heights

Fasset's latest fundraiser...

On Monday morning the Fasset team at Langstone Technology Park organised a balloon release to raise some additional funds for Hallie Scobie – the little girl who was the inspiration behind the teams ‘Race for Life’ challenge.

Emma Bray from Fasset organised for helium filled balloons to be sold for £1 each and in total 35 balloons were released outside of the main reception. Balloons were labelled with the business park’s address in the hope that anyone who finds one will reply with details of where and when they found it. Fasset will then let Hallie know.

In line with Fasset’s environmental policy and responsibility, the balloons (and sundries) were fully biodegradable!

Sadly 8 year old Hallie lost her dad to cancer 2 years ago but her amazing spirit has helped her and her family stay strong. She ran the 5km Southsea challenge with her mum and friends.

As well as running the 5km challenge, for which they raised £502 in sponsorship alone, Team Fasset wanted to show their support and releasing a colourful array of balloons was something Hallie was very keen to participate in. Emma Bray comments: “I have known Hallie for many years and her amazing strength and personality is a true inspiration. She sent her balloon all the way up to her dad – I know he would be proud. Cancer Research is an amazing charity and we hope that our fundraising can help make a difference to lives”.


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