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Michael Cripps Mr

My previous blog talked about digital marketing but this should not be viewed as exclusive.

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Further Local Marketing That Could Generate Business Opportunities…

My previous blog talked about digital marketing but this should not be viewed as exclusive.

My previous blog talked about digital marketing but this should not be viewed as exclusive.

What I mean is that marketing works best when activities are integrated so they support and reinforce each other. Far better to have more than one bit at the cherry as your message runs across multi-channels, that way you can extend your reach and create a real buzz.

Networking – don’t forget to network, it can often be who you know that makes the difference. It can be a bit of a ‘slow burner’ in terms of generating results, so expectations need to be tapered. However, many businesses find networking highly effective.
There are many types of networking from informal sessions to membership subscriptions so perhaps try a few and see what works for you and your business.

Sponsorship – many businesses find that sponsoring something local like a sports teams gives an instant avenue into a local community. It can help raise awareness of your business and give you credibility – as well as supporting something locally and providing much needed funds.

Printing – depending on what type of business you are, you will know what sort of materials you need. A business card is like a bio (check out my prevoius blog) and needs to create an impression. There are loads of inexpensive services available but especially if you are networking you might find these cards invaluable. I think whatever you get printed (flyers, pens, bags etc.) be consistent with your brand to ensure that you reinforce your values rather than dilute them.

Offers often work – this can be a very effective marketing technique as people like something for nothing and providing you have a plan for follow up etc. you will hopefully get repeat business and revenue in.

Online directories – make sure your business has the correct representation across all directory listings. Many of these are free so time spent researching could be time well spent.

Online advertising – Whether you set up a website, choose to advertise on a local venue or you are going to begin talking to people via social networking, you simply have to take advantage of online advertising techniques. Most are completely free of charge and give you the opportunity to get your business message in front of potential customers. Take some time to think what might work for you and be realistic about how much time you can devote to this channel. Create your own social media pages and begin interacting with your local customers online.

Know who the key influencers are in your local area for social media and build relationships that could be beneficial when it comes to sharing messages/promotions etc. Also strike up online conversations and interact via social media – and be aware of local events and companies that may be beneficial to your business.

Whatever you do, it takes thought, planning, often some budget but definitely some management –good luck.


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