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My Marketing Team recently attended a seminar on how to gain local contacts hosted by a local digital marketing firm, and what...

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Local Mobile Advertising Potential

My Marketing Team recently attended a seminar on how to gain local contacts hosted by a local digital marketing firm, and what...

My Marketing Team recently attended a seminar on how to gain local contacts hosted by a local digital marketing firm, and what they learnt confirmed that ‘Digital’ is key and it is going local.

I read recently that the amount spent on local advertising will increase 12.3 percent and the amount spent on digital advertising will double by 2017, according to a new study. These are big numbers – and more than intimate that as a marketing channel, it works and is here to stay.
It’s no secret that digital marketing is the phrase of the moment, but it is more than that, the fact that it has proved how effective it can be is why on a local level it is playing an ever increasingly important role.

Why? You can talk to your customer quickly, about relevant things, give a local appeal and deliver real results.

If your business is looking locally, you may be interested to know that the amount of money being spent on local advertising like local newspapers, magazines etc. and is poised to increase from £67.5 billion in 2012 to £88.9 billion in 2017, according to a study released by BIA/Kelsey, an advertisement consultation firm.

Interestingly enough however this increase in spend is expected to come from national brands and franchises, not local small businesses. Why? Well they are seeing the power of the local market and using digital expenditure to ensure they are maximizing this potential.

According to Mark Fratrik, the chief economist at BIA/Kelsey, most of the increases in advertisement spending will occur on the digital side of things. According to this study, the increase in spend on digital advertising will be fueled in a large part by an increase on spending on mobile ads, which is expected to increase six-fold to £4.4 billion by 2017. This means that advertisers are looking to target specific locations at specific times.

The seminar I referred to earlier stated that more than 20% of smartphone users also have a tablet –so it’s ludicrous to not use that channel of communication. Think about the demographics and timing of browsing for example after 6pm browsing increases – so use this information to your advantage. Clever marketing will display as advert on a mobile device at 11.15am for a ‘lunchtime special’ somewhere local – how fantastic is that?

For us as facilities managers, we are looking to make our sites responsive to all devices and use technology such as Google 360o to transport potential customers into the heart of our businesses parks and really feel the buzz. If we were looking at digital campaigns, we would run then alongside traditional media like radio to ensure we reached decision makers on the way to the office. We already use social interaction with onsite employees as a retention tool and this is set to increase.

Mobile/digital marketing has potential that as yet only being touched upon. Over the next few years we will see advertisers using ever more sophisticated methods to target – it’s the evolution of traditional digital marketing – it’s exciting, it’s sometimes mind blowing – but it is certainly something that businesses need to be aware of.


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