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Michael Cripps Mr

Last Friday I headed off to the ‘Big Smoke’ on the sardine packed commuter train from Chichester, to the new members...

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Last Friday I headed off to the ‘Big Smoke’ on the sardine packed commuter train from Chichester, to the new members...

Last Friday I headed off to the ‘Big Smoke’ on the sardine packed commuter train from Chichester, to the new members induction event at ‘Business In The Community’ BITC. It was a 3 hour journey and it was totally worth it!

BITC is a business-led charity focussed on promoting responsible business practice through working with member companies to transform communities, locally, nationally and internationally; and in the process, transform themselves.

There are seven key benefits that have been identified as to why being a responsible business is important (see link below for full report):

1. Enhanced brand reputation
2. Engage employees and future workforce
3. Improved operational effectiveness
4. Better risk management
5. Direct financial impact
6. Stronger organisational growth
7. Increased business opportunity

We as Fasset are a facilities management company who deliver environments for business to do business. However we take this a stage further. At the business locations we manage we appreciate the value of engaging with the local business community to build reputation and attract support.

This is very visible at our flagship location, Langstone Technology Park, a location in the heart of the Havant business community and where we actively engage with education and business partnerships across the region. It was great to think that we are already achieving a substantial advantage in the areas of Community, Health & Safety, Wellbeing and Environmental and I know that if the communication channels were being used across the board, more efforts would be captured. So in my mind, we are already ahead but we still have a long journey.

On the day I met loads of interesting company contacts, everyone at a different stage of the journey, working in various locations within the country, industries and sectors; and as you can imagine we all have different priorities.

The speakers ranged from member companies to BITC corporate advisers to programme managers. The delegate group was varied and but most had similar agendas for joining the BITC, companies looking for a steer on structuring their CSR more effectively and looking at specific areas applicable to their businesses. There was a lot of information to take in – but the promise of some delicious sandwiches and tea on tap made the day hugely enjoyable.

My first task is to find some time to use the BITC website starting with building up our profile. We have some immediate wins in terms of our education business partnerships work as we are sponsoring an ‘Amazing People’ Award at the forthcoming ceremony (see news link below) and some community based news as we prepare to link the location to the town via a new bus route.

CSR is an important area to Fasset and to Langstone and we can only go from strength to strength – made easy by BITC in the Solent region just moving into a new office here – so no doubt they will be seeing a lot more of me over the next few weeks.

Watch this space…


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