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Gary Medlow

Well, not quite...but it's not far off...

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Probably the BEST meeting room in the world...

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Well, not quite...but it's not far off...

To reinforce the BEST Network commitment to collaboration across the six locations, the first of the ‘Club Rooms’ has just been completed at Langstone Technology Park and I am more than impressed with the finished article.

My priority when we first thought of this concept was to find somewhere at the heart of our business park, itself positioned at the heart of Havant business community. There seemed little point in hiding it away when the whole idea behind BEST Network is inclusion, networking and collaboration. We are committed to nurturing business links and reinforcing the clustering trends that have been identified. A network of club-style rooms across the portfolio seemed like a logical fit with this.

The project team here at Langstone was tasked with creating a multi-purpose business environment reflective of the brand values and vision of BEST Network.

The infrastructure was key to support the different types of business requirements that would be placed upon it. It needed to be functional for example if clients needed ‘touch-down-desking’, conferencing and meeting capability; but it is also important that the room be a comfortable space where a business-person could think or have an informal discussion.

I think the best comparison would be an airport first-class lounge - only without the mini-bar!

The team have more than achieved this.

Langstone has adopted a scheme that will be rolled-out across the other BEST Network locations and I will be unveiling the room to the Langstone ‘business leaders’ and our next networking breakfast.

It will really reinforce to businesses what being part of this network actually means for them and make it easier for them to strike up cross-country networks and opportunities.

...onto the next one!


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