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Mitch Avis

Having been involved with Rydens Enterprise School and Sixth Form College (RES) at Hersham Place Technology Park (HPTP)for many...

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Bringing Education to Life at Hersham

Having been involved with Rydens Enterprise School and Sixth Form College (RES) at Hersham Place Technology Park (HPTP)for many...

Having been involved with Rydens Enterprise School and Sixth Form College (RES) at Hersham Place Technology Park (HPTP)for many years and a keen supporter of their annual 'Apprentice' business challenge, I was only to happy to facilitate a visit by their BTEC students and give them an insight into our business.

One of the course units is, 'Recruitment, Selection and Employability' and with the diverse breadth of roles within Fasset we were well placed to share our experiences and really compare and contrast the roles. Myself and Richard Berry (Location Manager) welcomed the students and we even volunteered to be not the usual day at the office!

As ever the calibre of the students was exceptional, they were interested and had obviously prepared well in advance. It is so important to enhance the learning experience with real life case studies and the feedback from the students was really positive. Rydens invest time in building business networks for the benefit of their students and I am committed to maintaining this relationship and looking at how we can support some of their exciting initiatives in the future.

I want to share some of the student feedback:

Whilst on our trip to Hersham Technology Park, I learnt about how a real life organisation is run and how different functions operate and how they can work together. We also learnt about what different peoples responsibilities were to help run the business, and how they all contributed to successful running of the business. We were also told about what Fasset did, and it was interesting to learn about the different jobs that the company does.(Luke Squires)

When we got to the technology park we were greeted and then had a quick tour which was interesting because we got to get a feel of how it is working in a business such as Fasset. When our tour was finished we then were able to sit and ask questions about the business such as how many workers the company has. I also feel it was good to go to a small company instead of a large one because I felt it would have been quite confusing to take in everything they had to say but as it was a small company it was easier to imagine how the business works as a whole. In all it was an interesting trip that I feel was useful with helping me with my coursework. (Layla Napp)

The trip was interesting because the tour showed what offices look like and how they run. I learnt that Fasset provides space for other businesses. I also met Mr Avis who is a Key Accounts Manager, Sales Manager, Projects Manager; he told us that Fasset is a flat structure. I also met Mr Berry who is an operations manager at Fasset. Mr Berry takes care of the building, e.g. Cleaning, Maintenance, Equipment etc. Previously they were in the facilities department in IBM. (Majid Khan)

Thanks to all involved. Now back to the day job...


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